Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sweeten your laundry with The Laundry Tarts Giveaway!!

Few months ago, a mom came in with her cloth diaper dilemma: the ammonia smell in her cloth diapers.She tried everything to get rid of it from rising multiple times in the washer, to soaking the diapers in vinegar, rising by hand with hot water and nothing helped. So I was in the hunt for something that will get rid of the ammonia. 

Did you know that ammonia in the diaper will burn tender baby skin?

During the search, I came across The Laundry Tarts, I was excited because they are Canadian and they are passionate about the environment. The Laundry Tarts provide a natural alternative to commercial laundry products. Their products are biodegradable, hypoallergenic, 100% vegan and free of phosphates, parabens and phthalate.
With great reviews online, I decided to get them in and try it out myself.
Strip It is formulated to strip unwanted odours, built up residues and bacteria from your garments. It's safe to use on cloth diapers too!!  
I don't have any stinky diapers to try it with, however I do have our favourite towels we haven't used in awhile since I made a mistake of washing the towels with my daughters soiled clothes. The directions on the package was easy to follow. I filled our laundry tub with warm water and one tbsp of Strip It! After leaving our towels in the tub for about an hour, I threw the towels in our front load washer for a rinse cycle (I'm a little lazy when it comes to washing laundry by hand).
Result: the towels came out fresh, nice and soft, not even a little trace of odour. I'm happy to be able to use our favourite towels again.
So I tried The Laundry Tarts, we want you to try it too. Here's a chance to win your own Laundry Tarts Sampler. Here are a few ways to enter:
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2. Leave a comment below and/or on our facebook of your favourite excuse not to do laundry (up to two entrie),
3. Invite your friends to "Like" All About Health Remedy'sRx, make sure they mention who invited them (one entry).

Good Luck and stay tuned for the winner!

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