Wednesday, May 13, 2009

gimme some of that power cheesy puffs

Health Canada wants to allow food manufacturers to add nutrients to variety of foods, including junk food. This proposal has already worried many health care experts because this creates a perfect opportunity for junk food industry to market their products as "healthy alternatives".

I have talked to many people who couldn't differentiate "healthy eating" and "smart marketing". I talked to someone once who thought a muffin for breakfast is better than a slice of whole wheat toast with peanut butter or chicken wings are better than a grilled lean steak. Fast food companies can relate cartoon characters to their products so kids would want to eat their oil-laden chicken nuggets. Snack companies are using advertising to make their junk food products look "cool" to attract younger generation, particularly the "tween"group.

It's our responsibility as parents to educate our kids and to set good examples when it comes to healthy eating. Don't expect the kids to like broccoli if the parents make faces eating it. It is not fine to pack a bag of cheesy puffs with a candy bar for kids' lunch.

I guess soon enough we can at least say that kids are getting some vitamins out of this bag of cheesy puffs.

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