Thursday, April 16, 2009

The "D" Day (Part 2)

It's now the end of the day and I have just finished my dinner portion. This morning I put cucumber, celery, cilantro,a tablespoon of lemon juice and a cup of filtered water in the blender and made a green drink for breakfast. My lunch and dinner consist the same veggies, plus some radish slices and hemp hearts. I made a dressing with extra virgin olive oil, raw apple cider vinegar and a touch of Ms. Dash (dried herbs). I snacked on almonds, grapes and clementines. I drank 4 cups of green tea through out the day, and lots of water.

I tried to eat mostly alkaline foods through out the day, and super clean. I felt great this morning after my green drink, but I noticed the need for caffeine. I started to crave meat and carb around 6pm, I wanted a big bowl of Vietnamese beef noodle soup. I wonder if this is a sign of not getting enough protein and carb. I also felt a little "spacey", not drowsy, just spacey around 6pm, but felt better after I ate the dinner. It's probably the result that my caloric intake is less than half of my usual daily intake. My 12-hour work day is going well so far. I never felt hungry, and no mood swings.

Did my "Anti-detox" detox work? I can't say. It is not a diet, but it's very different from what most people is used to. It can be easily done once a week, but I rather incorporate all the goodness of the alkaline foods into my own eating routine. I still believe the 80/20 rule, that is if you eat well 80% of the time, you can enjoy what you like 20% of the time. If I to do this again, I will add some lean protein such as chicken breast or fish and maybe a whole grain carb source. I'll keep my morning coffee for sure.

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