Thursday, February 24, 2011

Healthy Leg Day, Another Successful Clinic

Today was our Healthy Leg Day, sponsored by Sigvaris, the maker of therapeutic compression stockings. Brad, the rep and educator from Sigvaris took on the fully booked appointment list and met with every patient to go over their individual needs and concerns about their legs.
Started at 10am, we saw patients with different leg conditions related to vein issues. From leg eczema possibly caused by varicose veins to patients with chronic medical condition with poor circulation, this was an eye opener for myself and all the patients who attended this clinic. During the consultation, when we felt there is a need for compression stockings, we offered a prescription to the patient to bring back to his/her physician to sign so we can schedule a fitting appointment after the actual diagnosis is made.
I learned today that diabetes and arterial disease which compression stockings are contraindicated. We wrapped up the clinic just after 1pm. I believe that all the patients who attended this clinic learned something new about their current conditions. Thanks to Brad for conducting this informative clinic.

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